Dropbox & Accessibility it doesn't need

Dropbox is great, but they ask for something they don’t explain why explicitly. People say that disable accessibility feature will not cause any broken feature (then why bother needing one? no one outside Dropbox camp know yet) Here is the way to disable it for now.

  1. delete it

  2. make sure if it won’t create again

     $ sudo touch /Library/DropboxHelperTools
     $ sudo chflags schg /Library/DropboxHelperTools

    It’ll still prompt you to enter your password, but even if you forget and reenter your password, Dropbox won’t be able to remove that file and recreate its directory.

    And if that unsightly zero-length file bothers you in the GUI, you can always hide it:

     $ sudo chflags hidden /Library/DropboxHelperTools

Let’s see if