✅ Alpaca Linears switch

Color: black top/bottom & pink stem (Colors are based on the SA Bliss colorway brought to us by Minterly.)
Type: Linear
Spring: 62g
Mount type: PCB (5-pin)
Make: JWK
Designer: Prime Keyboards


Top: PC
Bottom: Nylon
Stem: POM


Vendor Price Where Availability
PrimeKB $60.5/110pcs
~$0.55 a pop
US :white_check_mark:
Swagkeys $6/10pcs
~$0.6 a pop
Korea :white_check_mark:
ilumkb 8.00 SGD/10pcs
~$0.6 a pop
Singapore :white_check_mark:
DailyClack 8.65 AUD/10pcs
~$0.63 a pop
Australia :no_entry:


AKA re-colored. Sound might be a bit different as changing color = changing housing material; some change spring; however, they are pretty much the same.


Alpaca V1 and V2 do not exist, alpaca will always be made with the latest iteration of mold design. For this batch, it is using the optimized mold and 2x thick pins (less likely to bend in transit or while inserting into hotswap sockets).